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what is high school 101? what do you do in it?

The name is rather misleading as the class itself doesn’t have a lot to do with high school. It’s a class focused on teaching budget management, how to write resumes, how to apply for jobs, etc. It probably would have been a pretty helpful class had it been better executed than the way they ran it at my school, but hey.

thank u annie
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Stay In Your Coma - OFF - Alias Conrad Coldwood

Veteran RPG players found OFF considerably “easier” to beat than most other conventional games of the same genre, making in-game death of your entire party somewhat of a rarity in comparison. The song that plays in the subsequent “game over” screen accompanies a simple bloody orange background, along with the words “game is over”.

game is over.

The game does not seem especially eager for one to keep playing it. “Let it go”, it seems to say. “Give up. Stay in your coma.”

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Ah thats really sweet, thank you!
Ok I’m pretty bad at these things but here we go:
1. My hair is three different colors
2. Carrots are my favorite food and I will go through one of those 5 lb bags of them in a around week no joke
3. I have 3 dogs that I adore
4. The Dr. Martens Im currently wearing are like 3 sizes too big for me
5. I cant bend the first joint in my thumbs for whatever reason